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Polish up!

Thanks for learning Chinese with Chineasy Cards! This update includes bug fixes, performance improvements and new levels for your continued learning. As always, if you run into any troubles, let us know at

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Back to school!

Hello Chineasians! It’s that time of the year - back to school! Have you managed to memorize more Chinese vocabulary this summer? In this update, we release more levels and also optimize your learning experience!

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New feature: Quiz!

Hello Chineasians! We’re excited to announce a NEW feature in this release. Tap “Quiz” on the new navigation bar to review and quiz all the levels you have learned! Try the new feature and see if you can get all questions right. Enjoy ;-)

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Happy July!

Hello Chineasians. A new month has begun and it’s half way through 2019. In this new release, you’ll get access to more levels! We have also improved the performance and fixed some bugs. Enjoy learning Chinese with us!

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More levels coming!

Hi Chineasians, have you enjoyed reviewing Chinese on-the-go with your Apple Watch? In this update, we’ve enabled users to schedule next quiz notification on Apple Watch and improved the performance, plus new available levels!

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New features!

Play to learn, review and quiz basic Chinese characters on Apple Watch. We’ll have more exciting content coming soon. Stay tuned!

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Notice something different?

Hello Chineasians! In this update, we gave ourselves a fresh makeover with lively and bright animations throughout the entire learning journey! Our favorite is the flying pig. What's yours?

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Happy New Year of the Pig!

To celebrate the year of the pig and the upcoming Spring Festival, we designed a pack of stickers for you to express yourself when words and emojis aren’t enough. Update to the latest version and then open up Messages to send your friend a sticker saying “Hi” and much more with Chineasy characters. Tweet us which sticker is your favorite @Hello_Chineasy.

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October Special

This month, we’ve done something special for October. See if you can notice what’s different after you do your daily level exercises, and then share with us on social media using #ChineasyCards! :-)

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New QUIZ type!

In this release, we've added a new audio question type when you learn a level. Simply listen to the audio, and then choose the right answer. Challenge yourself now!

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Update your Chineasy Cards to unlock more features!

In this update, you can quickly switch between learning levels and reviewing cards with one tap. We also added true/false questions to the quizzes! Enjoy!

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Download our latest tablet app, Chineasy Story Builder

Reinventing how stories are told and how language is learned. It is designed for kids and kids-at-heart to create their own stories using beautiful Chineasy illustrations.

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Chineasy Cards

Our bite-sized levels are perfect for you on-the-go. Start new levels to learn new words every day, earn dumplings, and keep your learning buddy, Bao fed and happy!

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Chineasy Story Builder

Chineasy Story Builder aims to develop a love of language, cultural understanding, creativity, and imagination. While constructing stories, children will immerse themselves. Imagine! When they tell a story about a frog with Chineasy illustrations, during the process, they will remember the Chinese character for the frog effortlessly!