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Recap video

A lot of Chinese words are jumping around in your brain. Let’s put it all together! In this comprehensive video, ShaoLan and a special guest review every phrase taught in the previous month. They’ll show you how to form sentences and use the phrases naturally.

Activity sheets

Master Chinese with nicely-designed activity sheets each month. 10+ activities in basic and advanced levels provide real-life scenarios and a chance to deepen your understanding of each phrase. Practice grammar, learn new vocab, and challenge yourself!

Word bank

Save all your favorite words in one place, with pinyin, traditional, and simplified Chinese characters. More than that, you can listen to the pronunciation of each phrase and review whenever you need to brush up.

Coloring book

Creativity is the best teacher. Draw and let your imagination fly, while practicing proper Chinese stroke order. Includes 45 pages of Chineasy characters for kids and kids-at-heart!

Chinese name

Having a Chinese name is crucial for building relationships and moving forward in business. You’ll wow every Chinese person you meet! But beware, a bad name can spell embarrassment or disaster. Our team will help you create a personalized name based on your desired meaning and pronunciation.

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