Sep 12, 2022

10 Popular Games in China

China is one of the biggest countries in the world with the largest population and a great variety of scenery, the same as it would as the perfect setting for mobile games. Everyone knows that China is a state of gamers, whether male or female and young or old. According to the country estimation, every day, around 517 million players catch up seconds from their hectic lives to tap, click, swipe, and type. The industry worth is $24.24 billion a year, which is equal to the 165.57 billion Yuan – exponential growth is 250% in the last three years as per App Annie retrospective report.

What types of games do they play in China?

Video gaming trend is the most popular in china. Now today, the video game market of china is the highest-grossing and profitable in the world. In 2011, China ‘Pc Game’ was one of the largest sectors in the world, worth $6 billion. ‘Arcade Games’ are also a developing industry in China. ‘Console Games’ become accessible from the last 15 years – in mid, it was banned, but now the ban has lifted.

Top Chinese games

China is well known as the “games capital industry of the world.” These are the ten most popular games of china in overall the world.

1. Honor of Kings

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The “Honor of King” is an online multiplayer battle game such like as many players are active at the same time whether friends or someone – the choice is yours. Over 200 million people play HOK monthly, with more than 55 million people in China alone; consequently, HOK is the most popular game overall the world. It is specially designed for mobile users in 2015 where two teams is a five-on-five battle. In this game, each group tries to control their heroes with using different skills to attack on an enemy base.

2. Onmyoji

It is launched in September 2016 by NetEase Internet Company, and it also included in top eight grossing games. It earned estimated $100k million revenue monthly by NetEase game whereas it was already downloaded more than 20k times at the end of August 2019. This card game has a captivating array of characters, and range exists from fox spirit to a wolf gladiator, battle models. Each one has unique abilities to protect from enemies and backstory.

3. Fantasy Westward Journey

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Fantasy westward journey is a first 3D animation game and launched in 2015 by NetEase. It is one of the most popular games in China that has more than 250 million active gamers in China alone. The total gross revenue of the mobile version is $2.3 billion approximately within a year. In this game, players have the option to customize both the appearance and skills of their hero, then exploring the new places to fight against various enemies.

4. QQ Speed

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QQ speed is the most famous racing game of China as well as enjoying great popularity since the starting of release in 2010. In May 2011, this report is recorded that over 2 million people were active to play online QQ speed game at the same time. Unbelievably, this was the first Chinese game to achieve these achievements. Approximately 25 million people downloaded this game in 2018. It is a 3D game that combines both competitive and casual racing. It has three kingdoms; fire, wind, and fantasy. It can be played either single or multiplayer, but not more than six players.


Player Unknown Battle Ground (PUBG) is more common as a PUBG. It is a multiplayer online battle game developed by PUBG Corporation since it was launched in 2011. It ranked in 2018 that is the third most well-known game in the Chinese Apple store. According to the well-demanding premium jacket store that game directly effect on children mind, so they want the same as jackets and other accessories of favorite players. It is available two versions of PUBG game: Full Ahead version and the second is exciting battlefield. In this game, 99 players are gathered on an island with the weapons once the battlefield starts so getting more pressure on players to kill competitors for surviving till the last. One person left in the previous, so that is a winner of PUBG game.

6. CrossFire

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CrossFire is an online one-shooter game which is heavily inspired by counter-strike. It becomes the most popular game in China, Asia, and Korea, as well as a most played game by player count with 660 million people, is active users worldwide. “There are over 120 champions, multiple items with various effect, and endless possibilities of game strategies” as reported, John Marshall, content writer in KingEssay. Everything requires in a game such as landing with a parachute, depart from a shrinking circle, and collection of a scattered item. In last, one person will be alive so considered as a winner.

7. Clash of Clans

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Cash of clans is an online strategy based game of this year and has won the hearts more than thousands of gamers across the world.  In 2018, it generated revenue $1.6 billion, and the profit earned, which is $635 million. It consists of fire-wielding wizards, mustachioed barbarians, and many other famous characters. Players can start their clans, build villages, and finished in epic clan wars.

8. Defense of the Ancients

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Defense of the ancients is included in the top four biggest games in China. It is an online multiplayer battle arena for video gamers since released in 2003. There are two teams in the game: the sentinel team and scourge team. Both teams use different techniques and skills to defeat against the opposite side.

9. Hearthstone

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Hearthstone is a free-to-play online digital collectible card game in 2014 by Blizzard entertainment. Approximately more than 100 million players were downloaded in 2018 as well as earned estimated $40 million revenue per month. It is a turned-based game with the selected hero and constructs a deck of 30 cards for a goal of destroying the enemy hero.

10. Overwatch

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Overwatch is an online team-based multiplayer shooter game that has captured the whole world by storm. It is a super-addictive game in young generation with more than millions of players battling it out on a day-to-day basis. In this game, players secure control point, which is mention on a map with team members. Chinese games are not only popular in China but across worldwide due to creating with a lot of passion.

This guest blog post comes from Liza Brook, a content writer at Crowd Writer UK. She loves to write on various topics and share her experiences, skills, and discoveries through her blogs. She plays games and goes to gym in spare time.

By Liza Brooke | A Super Chineasian

Liza Brook is a content writer at FreeEssayWriter. She loves to write on various topics and share her experiences, skills, and discoveries through her blogs. She plays games and goes to gym in spare time.

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