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Lea Tarnowski is the co-founder and CEO of Averon, but in this episode, she talks about getting married, something which happened a few years ago! ShaoLan teaches her how to say “I got married” and compares some of the traditional elements of a Chinese wedding with a British, Swedish and Croatian ceremony. Lea describes how in Croatia, after the wedding ceremony is completed, if the groom goes out of the room then all the guys come to kiss the bride and when the bride leaves the room, all the girls line up to kiss the groom! ShaoLan also teaches some extra Chinese words that relate to marriage and weddings, including the word “to propose,” “to be engaged” and also how to give the right gift if you go to a Chinese wedding!

The Chinese word for marriage is 結婚/结婚. The first character 結/结 means “to tie a knot” while the second character is extremely interesting because it‘s left radical is the female radical and the right radical means “dusk.” Therefore the second character shows the ceremony that happens at “dusk” (as traditional Chinese weddings usually took places in the evening) and means “marriage.” Together these characters mean “marriage” 結婚/结婚.

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Get Married
結婚 / 结婚
jié hūn
To knot, to tie
結 / 结
To marry, marriage
You're married.
你結婚了 / 你结婚了
nǐ jié hūn le
I am married.
我結婚了 / 我结婚了
wǒ jié hūn le
To engage
訂婚 / 订婚
dìng hūn
To book, to order
訂 / 订
I am engaged.
我訂婚了 / 我订婚了
wǒ dìng hūn le
Wedding day
結婚日 / 结婚日
jié hūn rì
Engagement day
訂婚日 / 订婚日
dìng hūn rì
Big day
dà rì zi
Wedding ceremony
婚禮 / 婚礼
hūn lǐ
To propose
qiú hūn
To beg

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