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Have you ever been to your favorite restaurant only to find that there was no table available?

Josh and ShaoLan talk about the Chinese words for booking a table, and of course, then teach you how to book a table for yourself! This is extremely important in Asia because good restaurants often fill up quickly so if you don’t book, you’ll either end up waiting outside for a long time or going home hungry! They also share how the first character of this word can be used to describe booking many other kinds of things, such as flights, cinema tickets, hotel rooms and more. After this episode, you’ll be able to book anything you want in Chinese!

The way to say “book a table” in Chinese is 訂位/订位. The first character 訂/订 means “to book” and can apply to a table in a restaurant, or cinema tickets or flights etc. The second character 位 means “place” or “position.” When you “book a position” you are reserving your space, your table, 訂位/订位!

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Book a table
訂位 / 订位
dìng wèi
To order, to subscribe
訂 / 订
Position, place, seat
老闆 / 老板
lǎo bǎn
I want to book a table.
我要訂位 / 我要订位
wǒ yào dìng wèi
How many of you?
幾位 / 几位
jǐ wèi
Three of us
sān wèi
What time?
幾點 / 几点
jǐ diǎn
Seven o'clock
七點 / 七点
qī diǎn
To book tickets
訂票 / 订票
dìng piào
Book flight tickets
訂飛機票 / 订飞机票
dìng fēi jī piào
飛機 / 飞机
fēi jī
Hire a car
訂車 / 订车
dìng chē
To reserve a room
訂房 / 订房
dìng fáng
Which date?
哪一天 or 哪天
nǎ yī tiān or nǎ tiān
January 1st
yī yuè yī rì
Three rooms
三間 / 三间
sān jiān
Fully booked
訂滿了 / 订满了
dìng mǎn le

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