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Silvia Cruz is the VP of Finance & Strategy for EF Education First. She also has three young girls and so in this episode ShaoLan teaches her how to say “baby”. Interestingly, the Chinese word for “baby” actually means “treasure,” so it can be applicable to anyone who is “precious” to you, no matter what their age is! ShaoLan expands to teach how to describe children as “cute” and tells a funny story of the way in which traditional Chinese modesty caused her own parents to call her ugly!

The way to say “baby” is 寶貝/宝贝. The first character 寶/宝 means “treasure” and 貝/贝 means “shell” or “seashell”. In ancient China, shells were used as a currency so the words together, “treasure currency” give a real sense of something or someone who is precious to you!

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寶貝 / 宝贝
bǎo bèi
寶 / 宝
貝 / 贝
Little baby
小寶貝 / 小宝贝
xiǎo bǎo bèi
My baby
我的寶貝 / 我的宝贝
wǒ de bǎo bèi
Your baby
你的寶貝 / 你的宝贝
nǐ de bǎo bèi
Your baby is so adorable.
你的寶貝好可愛 / 你的宝贝好可爱
nǐ de bǎo bèi hǎo kě ài
So adorable, so lovely
好可愛 / 好可爱
hǎo kě ài
謝謝 / 谢谢
xiè xie
Baby, you are so adorable
寶貝,你好可愛 / 宝贝,你好可爱
bǎo bèi, nǐ hǎo kě ài
Be able to
愛 / 爱
I love you.
我愛你 / 我爱你
wǒ ài nǐ

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