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What kind of vision do you have for your life? Isaac Lidsky is a best-selling author, entrepreneur, renowned speaker and now also the CEO of a construction company! Having lost his sight to a rare disease over the course of his teenage years, Isaac went on to find that inner “vision” was much more important than eyesight. ShaoLan talks to Isaac about the difference between saying “eyes,” “eyesight” and “vision” in Chinese.

In Chinese, 眼 is the character for eye or eyelid, but can also apply to other things meaning “center” or “hole,” such as the “eye” of a storm. 睛 refers to the actual eyeball or the pupil of the eye, so together they refer to the human (or animal) eye, 眼睛.

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yǎn jīng
Eyelet, eye
Eyeball, pupil of eye
I have eyes
wǒ yǒu yǎn jīng
To have
Don't have
méi yǒu
Vision, outlook
yǎn jiè
Open wide
大開 / 大开
dà kāi
大開眼界 / 大开眼界
dà kāi yǎn jiè

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