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Are you a good student? Were you a good student? James Trapp is an expert in Chinese Education and has been teaching students about Chinese culture and language for over 40 years. He and ShaoLan discuss the merits of studying Chinese and how the interest in Chinese language and culture has been growing rapidly worldwide over the past ten years. In particular, he sees a trend that parents in the UK want their children to learn Chinese not just for the language ability, but also for the new way of thinking that the language introduces. As a final bonus, they discuss some of the different approaches to teaching in the UK and China and how to try and strike a balance to use the strengths of both styles!

The Chinese for “student” is 學生/学生. The first character means “to learn” and shows a boy under a roof, being lectured. 生 is “to grow” or “to give birth,” so for someone who’s learning is growing, they are a “student.”

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學生 / 学生
xué shēng
To learn
學 / 学
To grow, a person who is learning something
Good student
好學生 / 好学生
hǎo xué shēng
Not a good student
不是好學生 / 不是好学生
bù shì hǎo xué shēng
Bad student
壞學生 / 坏学生
huài xué shēng
Are you a bad student?
你是壞学生嗎? / 你是坏学生吗?
nǐ shì huài xué shēng ma
I am not a bad student.
我不是壞学生 / 我不是坏学生
wǒ bù shì huài xué shēng
dàn shì
I am not a good student either.
我也不是好學生 / 我也不是好学生
wǒ yě bù shì hǎo xué shēng
Elementary student
小學生 / 小学生
xiǎo xué shēng
Middle school student
中學生 / 中学生
zhōng xué shēng
University student
大學生 / 大学生
dà xué shēng

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