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Bill Gross, the founder and CEO of Idea Lab discusses with ShaoLan the Chinese word for “market” and the various meanings that are associated with it. Having founded over 150 companies, with over 50 of them going public and 7 of them going beyond a value of USD$1bn, Bill Gross knows a lot about reaching different markets. His philosophy has always been to look for a big problem in the world and try to see if there is a way to solve the problem with technology. A recent success story has been an educational app that was created without words, so it was immediately accessible to children all over the world (resulting in over half a million downloads in China).

In Chinese,  means “city” and 場/场 means “field” or “location,” so 市場/市场 is “city field” or “market place.”

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市場 / 市场
shì chǎng
場 / 场
Chinese market
中國市場 / 中国市场
zhōng guó shì chǎng
America, USA
美國 / 美国
měi guó
American market
美國市場 / 美国市场
měi guó shì chǎng
IPO, listing
shàng shì

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