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What do you like most for breakfast? What do you like most for dinner? ShaoLan and Jesse talk about some of the things that they like most as a way to introduce the Chinese word for “most.” Can you guess what Jesse’s favourite breakfast is? How about ShaoLan’s favourite breakfast? Once you learn this word in Chinese then it opens up a whole new way of describing physical objects, as well as expressing personal opinions!

The Chinese word for “most” is  which actually works like an “-est” in English. When you want to talk about the “best,” “biggest,” “smallest,” “longest,” “shortest” etc then you use this word followed by the respective adjective. For example, 最好 is “most good” or “best,” while “最大” is “most big” or “biggest”!

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The biggest
zuì dà
The smallest
zuì xiǎo
The most beautiful
zuì měi
The best
zuì hǎo
I love Chinese cuisine the most.
我最愛中國菜 / 我最爱中国菜
wǒ zuì ài zhōng guó cài
The best teacher
最好的老師 / 最好的老师
zuì hǎo de lǎo shī
The best basketball player
最好的籃球員 / 最好的篮球员
zuì hǎo de lán qiú yuán
The best music
最好的音樂 / 最好的音乐
zuì hǎo de yīn yuè
最愛 / 最爱
zuì ài
My favorite
我最愛 / 我最爱
wǒ zuì ài

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