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Scandinavian rising star and singer-songwriter Ida Paul is quite the musician, with a background in classical violin, she also learnt drums, piano and then finally took on the challenge of learning guitar, which is now the main instrument she uses when playing shows! ShaoLan teaches the Chinese word for guitar, describing the extremely interesting meaning behind the characters, despite the words being chosen simply to mimic the sound of the word “guitar” using Chinese characters! Also learn not just how to describe the instrument, but how to say that you can play the guitar.

In Chinese the word for guitar is 吉他,  which means “auspicious” and  which means “him,” auspicious him! But remember that this is simply a phonetic translation so the meaning of the characters, in this case, isn’t important!

Learn With Ida Paul

Singer/songwriter from Espoo, Finland

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jí tā
He, him
To play
彈 / 弹
I play the guitar.
我彈吉他 / 我弹吉他
wǒ tán jí tā
Can, be able to
會 / 会
I can play the guitar.
我會彈吉他 / 我会弹吉他
wǒ huì tán jí tā
I can't play the guitar.
我不會彈吉他 / 我不会弹吉他
wǒ bù huì tán jí tā
沙發 / 沙发
shā fā
kā fēi
qiǎo kè lì
So cool
hǎo kù

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