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How much would you be willing to spend on a handbag? When you get right to the top level of the luxury brand Anya Hindmarch, a bag can cost over US$10000. ShaoLan and CEO of Anya Hindmarch, Helen Wright, discuss the origins of the word expensive, how it contains the meaning of quality and exclusivity in Chinese and how this can also relate to quality and craftsmanship. However, on a more day to day level, the word for ”expensive” in Chinese can also be used when bargaining at a street market in Asia!

The word for ”expensive” in Chinese is ”貴/贵.”

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貴 / 贵
Very expensive
好貴 / 好贵
hǎo guì
Overpriced, too expensive
太貴 / 太贵
tài guì
pián yi
Very cheap
hǎo pián yi
價值 / 价值
jià zhí
工藝 / 工艺
gōng yì

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