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What is “stuff”? Such a useful word in Chinese! Transition’s singer Jesse returns and finds out the fascinating reason why the word for “stuff” in Chinese is made up of the words East and West. Also, find out how to avoid insulting people!
Stuff can describe all material things. Toys, cars, pants, earrings — all our possessions. (Ex. “Get your hands off my stuff!”)

Stuff could also represent a concept: the fundamental qualities of a person or thing. (Ex. “Dragons are the stuff of legends.” “This kid knows his stuff.”)

How do the Chinese define it?

東/东 (dōng)= east
西 (xi) = west

東西/东西 (dōngxi)= things

How do you interpret that? What does it mean? Share with us in comment. We’d love to hear more from you! 

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東西 / 东西
dōng xī
東 / 东
Eat stuff
吃東西 / 吃东西
chī dōng xi
Buy something
買東西 / 买东西
mǎi dōng xi
Somebody / something sucks
不是東西 / 不是东西
bú shì dōng xi

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