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The amazing Sunny Bates calls in from New York to learn how to say “smart” in Chinese. A hugely successful individual, she is the CEO of Sunny Bates Associates and is on the board of some of the world’s most exciting companies, including Kickstarter and Creative Capital Foundation.

More for you to remember how to say “smart.”

There’s a difference between hearing information and absorbing it. Anyone can listen, but it takes true intelligence to digest and contemplate what one hears. The Chinese define “smart” as profound listening and true understanding.

聰/聪 (cōng) = to hear
明 (míng) = clearly

聰/聪 (cōng) + 明 (míng) = 聰明/聪明 (cōng míng) SMART!

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聰明 / 聪明
cōng míng
聰 / 聪
Clear, clarity
Very smart
好聰明 / 好聪明
hǎo cōng míng
Not smart
不聰明 / 不聪明
bù cōng míng
Smart person
聰明人 / 聪明人
cōng míng rén
nǚ rén
Smart woman
聰明女人 / 聪明女人
cōng míng nǚ rén
Clever, quick wit
機智 / 机智
jī zhì
小聰明 / 小聪明
xiǎo cōng míng

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