028 Formidable

The literal English translation of this word is different from its extended use in Chinese. New York tech entrepreneur and chess master Josh Weinstein shares with ShaoLan how he first learned the phrase and ShaoLan teaches Josh how he should respond.

It is not what you would expect. Look at the bonus words for responses in word bank.

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厲害 / 厉害
lì hài
It's nothing
哪裡哪裡 / 哪里哪里
nǎ lǐ nǎ lǐ
Really formidable
好厲害 / 好厉害
hǎo lì hai
You must be kidding
開玩笑 / 开玩笑
kāi wán xiào
wán xiào
To open
開 / 开

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