Nov 06, 2019

Why Should Children Learn to Write Chinese Characters

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According to the ranking of the distribution of languages regarding the complexity of perception and learning, Chinese is at the very last line, which indicates its increased complexity. However, children whose mind is only beginning to acquire certain skills can perceive any language at the same level. In general, learning any language gives the child the opportunity to comprehensively develop their brain abilities. But today, we offer you to consider several important reasons and benefits of learning Chinese, and what role it can play in the growth of your child.

The Main Benefits and Things that Will Help Your Child to Build Successful Future

The benefit of learning Chinese is its high distribution in modern society. Today, this knowledge gives huge advantages in all areas of business activity. Of course, there are many virtual assistants, such as The Word Point, which will help at any time to translate the necessary content – from personal communication up to business papers.

But, the presence of assistants may not always be available. Therefore, studying a new language can be a huge contribution to his/her future. If you want to give your child as many opportunities as possible for a happy and successful future, then you are in the right place. We have collected some arguments to confirm that learning to write Chinese characters is one of the steps for a great start to a bright future from childhood.

1. Increased Emphasis On the Development of Fine Motor Skills of Hands, As Well as Spatial Coordination

Due to its diversity in writing, the child will need to practice in the derivation of a variety of characters and signs, which consist of certain lines. Keep in mind that the number of characters reaches about 50,000 characters. And each has its own technique and drawing order.

In order to master all the nuances, the child will need to train own concentration and attention to detail. Also for the correct spelling of characters and transferring them from an example, the child will repeat the necessary movements with the hand. It will help to develop the mobility of the hands.

2. Visualization as Part of Versatile Perception

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Chinese is based on a unique combination of visual understanding of meaning. Each symbol is a small picture, and in order to repeat its spelling, children need to turn on their creative thinking. Such a study of writing is more like an art class and can help to better understand the nuances of such a direction in art as symbolism. As it knows, developed visual perception helps children realize their fantasies and ideas. However, this state of affairs only simplifies the form of training and makes it even more interesting.

3. Discovery of Musical Abilities and The Formation of Vocal Cords

Chinese belongs to the category of tonal languages. It has the 4 basic tones and one tone that is neutral. Each tone is responsible for the true meaning of the spoken word. Children who start to practice sound and tonality develop not only brain activity but also linguistic activity.

The correct pronunciation of diverse sounds helps in the future to more comfortable adjust own tone depending on the situation. According to California experts, an early study of the tone of Chinese can be an impetus for the development of musical talent. This is due to the constant training of the child’s vocal cords and the brain section that responsible for musical abilities.

4. Improving Counting Abilities

When learning Chinese, children perceive numbers in the different what they are accustomed to. As with the other characters, it is necessary to compare the meaning of a symbol with its image. Also, each symbol represents a specific image, which consists of several components that carry a certain meaning. In this regard, even when writing text, the child’s brain must use the count of the number of written characters. This approach helps to perceive symbols not only as drawings, but also to use mathematical thinking.

Summing Up

The abilities that have been developing since childhood will make it possible in the future to apply this knowledge in a variety of ways. That is why the future of your child directly depends on his or her development from early childhood. Do not miss the chance to make your child more successful than he/she can become with the help of learning and writing the Chinese language and its specific characters.

By Frank Hamilton | A Super Chineasian

Frank Hamilton is a professional writing expert at WriterSquad UK in such topics as blogging, digital marketing, and self-education. He also loves traveling and speaks Spanish, French, German, and English.

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