Nov 09, 2020

The Best Way to Learn With the Chineasy App

In this blog post, we’re introducing you to some tips to maximize your learning outcomes with Chineasy app whether you’re a newbie learning Chinese language or you have been learning Chinese for a while! 

A quick introduction to the Chineasy app – 

Upon downloading the Chineasy app, you’ll see five main elements in the bottom, Cards, Speak, Review, Quiz and Explore and each of them is designed with certain types of content for learners with different needs. 

You have the full picture of what types of content and features come in the app. Now it’s time to hear the advice from our app users that they share how they get the best learning outcome! 

  • Dedicate some times to use the app everyday 

In Chinese, we say 三天打魚,兩天曬網 / 三天打鱼,两天晒网  (sān tiān dǎ yú liǎng tiān shài wǎng). Literally, this translates to “three days fishing for fish, two days letting the nets dry in the sun.” However it means to master something you need to stay on course! and do a little bit each and every day.

  • Start with Cards or Explore if you’re new to the Chinese language and culture 

Navigate yourself to the Cards, don’t be overwhelmed with hundreds of levels. Instead, you’ll start with 人 (person) and 大 (big, imagining a person stretching his arms to be big). 

While learning each Card, it’s important and useful to select the favorite Cards (there’s a little heart ❤️  on the top right corner!) you feel either interesting or challenging so you’re able to see them all together when reviewing. 

Prefer learning by watching videos, reading blog posts or listening to the podcast? You’ll find them all in Explore. More cultural elements are introduced here. For example, the story behind the mid-autumn festival, the second-most important holiday after the Chinese New Year and how Chinese celebrate, the concept of feng shui (風水) and even the evolution of the Chinese language. You can find a variety of interesting content. 

  • Utilize Speak feature better to access vocabulary, patterns and even grammar 

Initially when you first tap the Speak tab, you’ll find a gumball machine in the middle. Yes, just tap the gumball machine, you’ll get access to the content. Each ball in Speak usually contains a grammatical pattern and four vocabulary words. Same as the Cards, each ball will have various quiz types which we guarantee won’t bog you down. 

Once you advance to 20+ levels in Speak, you will be able to put your speaking skills into practice by taking part in practical (or even hilarious!) mini dialogues at the end of each level. 

Here at Chineasy, we don’t try to teach you everything about the Chinese language. Instead, we strive to provide you with the best Chinese learning experience that is both functional and engaging. You’ll be surprised how much more enjoyable your learning will be with our interesting content as well as the pleasant visual design. 

Of course, we can’t achieve all this without your suggestions and ongoing support, and your feedback is essential to keep us innovating. So feel free to reach out to us at if you have any suggestions for us. We look forward to hearing from you.

By Chineasy | A Super Chineasian

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