Feb 03, 2020

The Top 10 Universities for International Students in China

China has many world-class universities, especially in the fields of mathematics and computing. Universities in China are getting more and more funding so it’s becoming easier for international students to attend. If you’re an international student looking for a top China University, we’ve compiled a list of the ten best options here.

1. Beijing Language and Culture University

BCLU is known as one of the best universities in China, especially when it comes to international students. You can study mandarin or other Chinese dialects here and there is a big accommodation section only for international students. It’s the top university if you want to study Chinese language and culture. There will be students here from all over the world and many are on scholarships to later work in trade with China for their home countries.

2. Peking University (Beijing)

The official website to Peking University is fantastic for international students. You can actually apply online quite quickly and easily. There is also a lot of information there about eligibility requirements, the date of admission, accommodation details, and much more. PKU is considered a top university for international students because it’s a great community with all the students needs met – everything is available on campus and affordable.

3. University of International Business and Economics (UIBE)

If your focus is on business and interacting in that field with people from different parts of the world, this is the university for you. It’s also in Beijing, and it’s a great place to learn management skills, law, economics, foreign languages, and finance. According to Janet Heeley, a student at UKWritings and State Of Writing, “there is a huge variety here of international students from all over the world. Programs are available in Mandarin and English, and you can get either a degree or a non-degree program.

4. Fudan University

Among all the universities on this list, Fudan has the most international students (according to their website). It’s located in Shanghai and the ratio of student to teaching staff is 4:1. There are over 350 different programs you can take, and international students have a lot of scholarship opportunities on offer. There are 15 English degree programs including economy, politics, and diplomacy (with a Chinese angle).

5. Shanghai Jiaotong University

This is known as the MIT of the East and is a part of the C9 League, the Ivy League of China. The university is in Shanghai spread over seven different campuses. It’s got the best accommodation options for international students, and it has some of the most rigorous entry exams so you’ll be sure to be with top students.

6. Jinan University

This university has over 11,000 students a year from over 100 countries, which means it’s a trusted option for international students. It’s in Guangzhou and its focus is to showcase Chinese language and culture to international students. There are 9 graduate and 1 masters program taught in English.

7. Zhejiang University

This university has a rich and diverse history and is a part of the Yangtze Delta Universities Alliance. Located in Hangzhou, it has seven campuses, one of which is the international campus with English-language classes. It’s a school with fast-paced learning but because it’s so selective, only the best students attend.

8. East China Normal University (ECNU)

This is a research university with strong ties to other foreign universities. You’ll get not only a good academic experience but you’ll also learn a lot about Chinese culture. The programs range from science, design, communication, health, engineering, and much more.

9. Tsinghua University

This is another member of the elite university league called C9 League. As per Edwin Dalot, an educator at Boomessays and Essayroo, “it’s known for instrument science discipline, electronics, engineering, navigation, and more. Fifteen of its programs are available to international students.”

10. Huaqiao University

This college is in Fujian Province and it’s focused on Chinese students that work and live in other countries. There are so many disciplines to pursue, and more than half of the graduating students are actually from overseas. It’s without a doubt a top choice for international students.

By Aimee Laurence | A Super Chineasian

Aimee Laurence, a tutor with Academized review and OXEssays Review, shares her thoughts on education and international exchange programs. She enjoys finding ways for students to expand their horizons by going to school abroad. Aimee also works as a blogger for Essay Services.

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