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Lots of people want to know what is going to happen in the future! Plamen Russev has written about the 10 areas of society that will be completely transformed over the coming ten years. These include healthcare, VR, transport, AI and food, but can you guess the other five? Plamen’s insights into the way technological progress and innovation will change society are fascinating, so ShaoLan takes the chance to ask him what advice he thinks someone from the future would want to give us today if they came back!

In Chinese, the word for future is 未來/未来, where 未 means “not yet” and 來/来 is “to come,” so what has not yet come is the future, 未來/未来. Originally, the character for 來/来 actually looks like the character for wheat because, in ancient times, China didn’t have wheat, wheat came from the west!

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未來 / 未来
wèi lái
Not yet
To come
來 / 来
Back to the future
回到未來 / 回到未来
huí dào wèi lái

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