Susan Bird

Connector, Author

Susan Bird is an innovative connector of people and ideas, a builder of brands, and a podcaster.  She leads Wf360, a global consultancy at the intersection of technology, innovation, and language, where she leverages her experience as a media-savvy marketer and Stanford lawyer with a passion for the power of the spoken word.  She promotes “Brandversation™”, a methodology that transforms business organizations with an integrative narrative approach that engages people meaningfully with each other and thus to her clients’ values, goals and brands.

Susan believes that face to face conversation has become the new luxury and is determined to change that so everyone can experience the power of communicating by leveraging technology rather than being smothered by it.

An author, three time TED speaker and 2016 TED Resident, Susan is described as an “optimistic catalyst who feasts on information and business intelligence” which she puts to work engaging her clients’ constituencies, then making magic with the resulting content.

The proud Mom of four sons, she loves her adopted hometown New York City, yet cherishes her “Cheesehead” Wisconsin roots, and likes extended snowfalls.


To connect the world’s people, one conversation at a time

Susan Bird's Chineasy Story

Susan is a Chinaphile who has worked extensively in Asia for Cathay Pacific Airways and others. Over the years she built a network of people who are the subjects of her podcast series “Asia and the West” shedding light on what’s really happening in and between these two important parts of our world.  She recently partnered with Harvard’s Shorenstein Center for Media, Politics and Public Policy, to chronicle the transformation of Hong Kong’s South China Morning Post from a local newspaper into a global media powerhouse.  Fueled by its new owner, Alibaba, the SCMP is poised to become the trusted source of information on Mainland China to the West from an Asia perspective. As Susan puts it, the opportunity for China and the West to collaborate in ways that foster peace and prosperity is arguably the world’s biggest story right now and she wants to help tell it.