Neil Edbrooke


Neil Edbrooke, NPSA, has been a photographer most of his working life, gaining experience in different cultures and conditions. Born in Bristol – where Image- Release is now based – he spent his early years in Jamaica, his youth in south-east London (Peckham / New Cross); studied Philosophy and Psychology at Oxford and then volunteered as a teacher in Malawi. Back in the U.K., he moved on to become a qualified Social Worker and lay pastor for many years. In the mix of this variety, he married Zoë, and together they brought up four children. He has worked in professional and voluntary capacities in the U.S.A, Canada, Europe, and several countries in the Far East. (Korea, Hong Kong, and Taiwan).

“I began photography with an old Zeiss camera taking 2 1/4” slides, worked for many years with a Yashica SLR – then moved to digital format at the turn of the century. Today I’m wedded to a Canon 5D Mark IV, along with a mix of beautiful lenses. I’m a lifelong student of photography with an intuitive approach to both work and training. In order to consolidate this experience with digital media, I completed a Diploma with the Photography Institute and am also a qualified member of the National Photographic Society.


Photography with an intuitive approach