Jan 08, 2024

Talk About Your Star Sign in Chinese (With Audio Examples)

Have you ever been asked about your star sign during a conversation?

It’s a question that instantly sparks interest and connection. Many believe our zodiac signs tell a story about our personality, preferences, and past and future.

Now, imagine sharing that piece of yourself not only in your native language but in Chinese, too!

In this post, you will learn the names of all 12-star signs and master forming complete sentences with them in Chinese.

So, the next time you introduce yourself, you won’t just stop at your name or where you’re from – you’ll surprise your friends by sharing your star sign in fluent Chinese!

Basic vocabulary to navigate star signs in Chinese

Before diving deep into each Western star sign, it’s essential to understand the basic vocabulary.

This will enhance your understanding and enrich your conversation about zodiac signs in Chinese.

  • Star sign/zodiac sign

In Chinese, “star sign” or “zodiac sign” translates to 星座 (xīng zuò). 星 stands for “star,” and 座 means “seat” or “base.”

However, when referencing a specific star sign, 星 (xīng) is often omitted.

  • 12 Western zodiac signs

We already know 星座 means “zodiac sign.” To denote it’s Western, we use 西方 (xī fāng), which means “Western.” The number 12 in Chinese is 十二 (shí èr).

Combine them, and you get 西方十二星座 (xīfānɡ shíèr xīnɡzuò), which translates to “12 Western zodiac signs.”

  • 12 Chinese zodiac signs

Unlike the Western zodiac based on a 12-month cycle, the Chinese zodiac operates on a 60-year one. There are 12 distinct animal signs in Chinese astrology.

The phrase “12 Chinese zodiac signs” is translated as 中國十二生肖 (traditional) or 中国十二生肖 (simplified), pronounced as “zhōngguó shí’èr shēngxiào.”

Breaking it down:

  • 中國/中国 (zhōng guó): Refers to “China” or “Chinese.”
  • 十二 (shí èr): As mentioned, it’s the number 12.
  • 生肖 (shēng xiào): Represents “the Chinese zodiac.”

Capricorn 摩羯座 [December 22 – January 19]

Capricorn in Chinese

Capricorn in Chinese is 摩羯座 (mó jié zuò). We’ve learned 座 from 星座 (xīng zuò). So, we only need to find out the meaning of the first two characters:

  • 摩 (mó) means “rub.”
  • 羯 (jié) relates to the symbolic sea goat of the Capricorn sign.

♑ Capricorn traits:
💼 They are determined and goal-oriented.
⛰️ They value stability and long-term planning.
🛠️ They’re reliable and practical.
❤️ Deep down, they are loyal to their friends and family.

Example sentence:
I’m a Capricorn.
Pinyin: wǒ shì mó jié zuò.
Literally: I + am + Capricorn

Aquarius 水瓶座 [January 20 – February 18]

Aquarius in Chinese

Aquarius translates to 水瓶座 (shuǐ píng zuò). Let’s examine the first two characters:

  • 水 (shuǐ) means “water,” relating to the water bearer of the Aquarius sign.
  • 瓶 (píng) means “bottle” or “vase.”

♒ Aquarius traits:
🌀 They’re innovative and think outside the box.
🌍 Humanitarian in nature, they care deeply about societal issues.
💡 Always eager to learn and have an intellectual curiosity.
🧚‍♀️ They have a free spirit and cherish their independence.

Example sentence:
I’m an Aquarius.
Pinyin: wǒ shì shuǐ píng zuò.
Literally: I + am + Aquarius

Pisces 雙魚座/双鱼座 [February 19 – March 20]

Pisces in Chinese

Pisces is 雙魚座 (written in traditional Chinese) or 双鱼座 (in simplified Chinese), with the pronunciation “shuāng yú zuò.”

Breaking down the first two characters:

  • 雙/双 (shuāng) means “pair” or “double,” referring to the two fish of Pisces.
  • 魚/鱼 (yú) signifies “fish,” directly relating to the Piscean symbol.

♓ Pisces traits:
🎨 A profound artistic and creative streak defines them.
🔮 Their intuition often feels almost magical, giving them insights others might miss.
🤝 With a heart full of compassion, they consistently provide support and lift the spirits of those around them.

Example sentence:
I’m a Pisces.
我是雙魚座。(traditional Chinese)
我是双鱼座。(simplified Chinese)
Pinyin: wǒ shì shuāng yú zuò.
Literally: I + am + Pisces.

Aries 白羊座 [March 21 – April 19]

Aries in Chinese

Aries is expressed as 白羊座 (bái yáng zuò) in Chinese. Delving into the characters:

  • 白 (bái) translates to “white.”
  • 羊 (yáng) refers to “sheep” or “ram,” which symbolizes Aries.

In Taiwan, Aries might also be referred to as 牡羊座 (mǔ yáng zuò).
♈ Aries traits:
🔥 Energetic and zealous, they naturally assume leadership roles.
🏁 Competitively driven, their eyes are always set on being number one.
🛡️ They exhibit bravery and directness, readily facing challenges head-on.
💡 Known for their innovative ideas and fresh perspectives.

Example sentence:
I’m an Aries.
Pinyin: wǒ shì bái yáng zuò.
Literally: I + am + Aries

Taurus 金牛座 [April 20 – May 20]

Taurus in Chinese

The first two characters in 金牛座 (jīn niú zuò) break down into:

  • 金 (jīn) meaning “gold” or “metal.”
  • 牛 (niú) meaning “bull” or “ox,” the symbol of Taurus.

♉ Taurus traits:
🔄 Taurus individuals are known for their steadiness and reliability.
💚 They hold close their values and relationships.
🚫 Once decided, it’s challenging to change their mind.
🎨 Appreciators of beauty, they often have a keen aesthetic sense.

Example sentence:
Pinyin: wǒ shì jīn niú zuò.
Literally: I + am + Taurus

Gemini 雙子座/双子座 [May 21 – June 20]

Gemini in Chinese

Gemini, 雙子座 (traditional) or 双子座 (simplified), is pronounced as “shuāng zǐ zuò.”

  • 雙/双 (shuāng) means “pair” or “double,” referring to the twins that symbolize Gemini.
  • 子 (zǐ) means “child” or “son.”

♊ Gemini traits:
🗣️ Communication is their strong suit.
💡 They are quick thinkers and very smart.
🔄 Versatile and adaptable in many situations.
🤹 Able to handle many tasks at once.

Example sentence:
Pinyin: wǒ shì shuāng zǐ zuò.
Literally: I + am + Gemini

Cancer 巨蟹座 [June 21 – July 22]

Star sign Cancer in Chinese

The first two characters in 巨蟹座 (jù xiè zuò) break down as:

  • 巨 (jù) meaning “giant” or “huge.”
  • 蟹 (xiè) meaning “crab,” which is the symbol of Cancer.

♋ Cancer traits:
🏠 Home and loved ones are their priority.
🛡️ They shield their emotions but care deeply for others.
👂 Excellent listeners and empathizers.

Example sentence:
Pinyin: wǒ shì jù xiè zuò.
Literally: I + am + Cancer.

Leo 獅子座/狮子座 [July 23 – August 22]

Leo in Chinese

獅子/狮子 in 獅子座/狮子座 (shī zi zuò) are broken down into:

  • 獅/狮 (shī) stands for “lion,” aligning with the Leo symbol.
  • 子 (zi) acts as a suffix in this context.

♌ Leo traits:
👑 Natural leaders, they shine in the spotlight.
💖 Generous and warm-hearted.
🎭 Often theatrical and enjoys being the center of attention.
✨ A confident and brave spirit defines them.

Example sentence:
我是獅子座。(traditional Chinese)
我是狮子座。(simplified Chinese)
Pinyin: wǒ shì shī zi zuò.
Literally: I + am + Leo.

Virgo 處女座/处女座 [August 23 – September 22]

Star sign Virgo in Chinese

Virgo is referred to as 處女座 in traditional Chinese and 处女座 in simplified, pronounced “chù nǚ zuò.”

  • 處/处 (chù) and 女 (nǚ) together mean “virgin” or “maiden,” reflecting the maiden symbol of Virgo.

♍ Virgo traits:
🔍 Detail-oriented and analytical.
📚 Intelligent and often methodical.
💼 Reliable and hardworking.
👩‍⚕️ Often have a helpful and healing nature.

Example sentence:
Pinyin: wǒ shì chù nǚ zuò.
Literally: I + am + Virgo.

Libra 天秤座 [September 23 – October 22]

Libra in Chinese

天秤 (tiān chèng) decomposes into:

  • 天 (tiān) meaning “heaven” or “sky.”
  • 秤 (chèng) meaning “scale,” which is the symbol of Libra.

♎ Libra traits:
⚖️ Seek balance and harmony in everything.
🤝 Are good at forming and maintaining partnerships.
🎨 Appreciate beauty and often have a strong aesthetic sense.
👂 Listen well and are usually diplomatic.

Example sentence:
Pinyin: wǒ shì tiān chèng zuò.
Literally: I + am + Libra.

Scorpio 天蠍座/天蝎座 [October 23 – November 21]

Scorpio in Chinese

Scorpio is denoted as 天蠍座 in traditional Chinese and 天蝎座 in simplified, pronounced “tiān xiē zuò.”

Breaking down the first two characters:

  • 天 (tiān) meaning “heaven” or “sky,” which you’ve just learned from 天秤座 (tiān chèng zuò).
  • 蠍/蝎 (xiē) means “scorpion,” correlating with the Scorpio zodiac symbol.

♏ Scorpio traits:
🤫 They often radiate mystery and secrecy.
🎯 Intensely focused and determined.
💖 Passionate in pursuits and relationships.
🛡️ Protective of their loved ones and their own emotions.

Example sentence:
我是天蠍座。(traditional Chinese)
我是天蝎座。(simplified Chinese)
Pinyin: wǒ shì tiān xiē zuò.
Literally: I + am + Scorpio.

Sagittarius 射手座 [November 22 – December 21]

Sagittarius in Chinese

Lastly, we have Sagittarius! In Chinese, it translates to 射手座, pronounced “shè shǒu zuò.”

  • 射 and 手 together mean “bowman” or “archer,” reflecting the archer symbol of Sagittarius.

♐ Sagittarius traits:
🏹 Always on a quest for knowledge and adventure.
🎉 Brings joy and humor into any space.
🌐 Enjoys exploring ideas and places.
🧭 A natural pathfinder and adventurer.

Example sentence:
Pinyin: wǒ shì shè shǒu zuò.
Literally: I + am + Sagittarius.

Here you go! You’ve now toured through the 12-star signs in Chinese! You not only know the names but can also tell anyone your star sign in a new language.

Feeling bold? Try switching up the 我 (wǒ; I) with 你 (nǐ; you), 他 (tā; he), or 她 (tā; she) to chat about other people’s star signs too!

Remember, speaking Chinese gets easier as you use these new words and phrases. Keep chatting and keep practicing!

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