Mar 24, 2022

No matter how tall the mountain is, it cannot block the sun.

“No matter how tall the mountain is, it cannot block the sun.” – Chinese Proverb. ✨

We’ve got some mountain-related activities for you!

mountain 山

山 – this character you might know quite well. 🙂 Also, the negative space between the strokes makes us think of an “m.” Can you see the resemblance?

⛰️To go uphill – 上山 (shàng shān)

To go uphill - 上山 (shàng shān)

⛰️To go down the hill – 下山 (xià shān)

To get down the hill - 下山 (xià shān)

And a bonus expression for all the active folks out there:

⛰️ Mountain climbing – 爬山 (pá shān)

上 and 下 are such versatile characters and can mean a multitude of things. For example “get on” & “get off” or “start” & “finish.” If you put them together like this 上下, that will mean “go ups and downs.”

Do you know any other use of 上 or 下? Let us know by tagging #Chineasy on Twitter or Instagram!

By Chineasy | A Super Chineasian

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