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Learning Chinese is fun and easy

Our bite-sized levels are perfect for you on-the-go. Start new levels to learn new words every day, earn dumplings, and keep your learning buddy, Bao fed and happy!

Fans love Cards!

“Your App does exactly what I've been looking for! I think this is the very best way to learn Chinese: learn the characters and words, build up a huge vocabulary so you can understand all the characters around you. Thanks to your App finally I can read the signs on the Metro, understand the announcements, read some subtitles on the TV etc. Your App made life much easier for me, so BIG BIG Thanks! ”

Edgár Zillmann

“I am enjoying your Chineasy app so much! I daily look forward to "playing" with it, and am remembering a lot. Chineasy has me noticing and thinking about the characters!”

Joanne Marion

“I watched a Chineasy video on YouTube and found the whole idea a really interesting and a fun way to learn Chinese. Well after trying this app, I can truly say it’s the best “learn Chinese” app available on the app stores. It’s so much fun to learn Chinese!! I am loving this so much!”

Matthew Furgiuele

“I’m really loving this amazing app! I’ve never had Chinese characters so easily and clearly presented. The pictures attached to the characters make understanding their origin really easy, and make my brain associate the character to its meaning faster than with just flash cards.”

Youleah123632966, Chineasy Cards iOS user from USA

“The idea of learning Chinese characters is super daunting and I feel like this app does a superb job of making it feel doable. It is also very smooth and is fun and user friendly.”

Jorden, Chineasy Cards Android user

“Simple, cute and effective! A wonderful app to have! ”

EHRMAHGAWD, Chineasy Cards iOS user from South Africa

“Very cool and I love the explanation and background they give for each character. Very clever app!”

Josh Naylor, Chineasy Cards Android user

“Really enjoy this! I especially like how the learning is set up like a building block style. And the pronunciation is available to click on to find out how to say the words properly. Thank you!!!”

SunnyDeeLight, Chineasy Cards iOS user from USA

“Very good explanations, it helps to memorize words better, in native way. App itself well-designed. Methodology of educational process is solid as well.”

Domo_spb, Chineasy Cards iOS user from Russia

“It’s a really awesome app! So easy to learn, if repeat day by day, and real respect to those, who imagined this beautiful way to learn using images! Thanks guys!”

Feenka, Chineasy Cards iOS user from Ukraine

“My 6yr old daughter and myself are doing these 1 or 2 a day, and very much enjoying them. Easy to follow, and picking things up brilliantly, she’s soaking it up so much better than me.”

KernowGurl, Chineasy Cards iOS user from UK

Through every level, you'll easily learn to:

– recognize 1,000+ Chinese characters & phrases
– pronounce Chinese words
– gain cultural insights

Learn Chinese anytime, anywhere

Chineasy Cards App is available on both iOS and Android.
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