Chineasy Methodology

Chineasy Methodology

Learning Chinese is just like a child breaking down complicated models into building blocks. The child then starts grouping elements and soon he/she realizes that no matter how fancy and complicated the models are, they are all built out of the same set of building blocks.

Most Chinese characters are built out of roughly 100 building blocks. ShaoLan, Creator of Chineasy, designed a program that correlated each character and prioritized the most common and useful elements. ShaoLan teamed up with Noma Bar to create a groundbreaking visual approach to teaching basic building blocks. Each character is designed to reflect its etymology and meaning.

With the mission to expand the methodology of learning Chinese, ShaoLan started the Talk Chineasy daily podcast in 2017. This 7-minute daily podcast helps you learn one useful phrase each day with several related vocabularies. Just like the building blocks, you’ll accumulate more than 365 phrases after a year. Within the first 90 episodes, you’ll even be able to introduce yourself intelligently with basic Chinese.

Ways to start your Chineasy learning journey!