Nov 16, 2020

Learn the Chinese Language Through Coloring the Books

Learning a new language, particularly Chinese, can be a tricky process no matter what age group you belong to. We all are accustomed to acquiring a language therefore, consciously learning another language can be confusing and it will take time for you to be proficient and fluent in it. As long as you are motivated and finding it a fun process, you can surely ace at it.

Other than the regular course books, contractor books, or any other reading material, there are various ways with which we can aid the language learning process, particularly for the kids and the beginners, one of the most known among them is through coloring books. It is as beneficial as odd it sounds. Apparently, there isn’t any connection between language learning and coloring books but once you dig into this discussion you are surely going to know how and why both processes connect.

Here is how the coloring books can help you learn the Chinese language, or at least help you get fluent with it:

Types of Coloring Books:

To our surprise, coloring books have a variety of content. You might be thinking that coloring books are all about filling/coloring the illustrations and how can they have varied content. Coloring books are categorized, they can be about animals, insects, birds, professions, some common scenarios, household items, etc. or literally anything that you can think of. You can pick the ones as per the choice of vocabulary you want to learn first. Starting off with the basic and easy terms is always a great idea. 

Increase Your Vocabulary the Easy Way:

Chinese can be difficult for new learners. Therefore, it would be better to start off the process with the basic vocabulary. Such as learning names of colors, animals, daily use items such as chairs, tables, books, kitchen utensils, etc. Having coloring books similar to the content would be a great help to learn all these terminologies more effectively. 

You will learn the names of colors while learning the frequently used words simultaneously. Likewise, it would be easier for you to build a connection between the illustration and the word. For example, you can buy a ‘coloring book’ from Chineasy that lets you practice writing the words in Chinese with cute pictures on them. With 58 Chineasy characters and 6 storyboards, this one is the perfect pick for you to learn Chinese. Without any ambiguities, that is there when you are just studying a bunch of terms only, you will ace at it. Since it’s more of practical work, it will help you memorize the terms aptly. 

Learning the Sentence Structures:

There are coloring books available that have stories described through illustration. They are made for the language learners to improve their writing skills by creating a story out of the pictures shown. Having pictures and basic vocabulary at hand will help you to form sentences in Chinese with very few errors. It will be like a brainstorming activity and you will be required to put more effort into creating the sentences that make sense. It is fun and it is an effective way to improve your writing skills in the Chinese language. 

Pro Tip:

If you are at an advanced level of Chinese language learning, then you can get an insight into Chinese culture through coloring books that are particularly designed for this purpose. Since language and history are closely related, there are a lot of terms that have a historical background to them. Therefore, learning about the history of some difficult and significant Chinese terms will be a fun activity to do, and that too with pictures will help you to understand it more accurately. Moreover, you will get to learn about the accurate usage of the word as well.


No matter what language you want to learn, be it Chinese or any other, using unconventional ways such as through coloring books or watching the movies in that language is always an option worth opting for. These channels of language learning make the process more fun and entertaining, thus, keeping you motivated throughout the process. 

Using the coloring books will surely aid your Chinese learning process, particularly if you are doing it on your own. Even if you have joined an online language learning center, then you can opt for coloring books as an additional activity to enhance your understanding and vocabulary. Happy learning!

By Hassan Khan | A Super Chineasian

Hassan Khan is a content writer by passion and profession. He started his journey with Techvando, a digital marketing company that helps the website grow their business. He primarily writes for guest post articles falling under various niches. The main area of her interest and expertise in healthcare. He enjoys reading and writing about healthcare, mindfulness, and wellbeing to educate people about being happier and lively. His work has been published on many high authority websites. He believes that writing is of effective ways to communicate at better levels.

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