May 18, 2020

Chinese Vocabulary for Romantic Relationships and Breakup!

Are you in a romantic relationship with someone whose mother tongue is Chinese? Are you eager to impress him/her by speaking a few words in his/her language? Then you’ve come to the right place! 

In this post, you will learn five words related to romantic relationships and to use those words to form useful sentences. It’s time to learn and give it a good shout! 


女 (Woman/Female) + 朋友 (Friend ) = Girlfriend (女朋友)

You cannot take the word 女朋友 literally – it doesn’t mean “female friend.” It only can be used to mean “girlfriend.” To say “female friend,” you say 女性朋友, literally, female gender friend. 

女朋友 pinyin: nǚ péng yǒu; Girlfriend


男 (Man/Male) + 朋友 (Friend ) = Boyfriend (男朋友)

You cannot take the word 男朋友 literally – it doesn’t mean “male friend.” It only can be used to mean “boyfriend.” To say “male friend,” you say 男性朋友, literally, male gender friend.

男朋友 pinyin: nán péng yǒu; Boyfriend


公 (Public) +  开 (Open)  = To make public/open up (about something)  (公开) 

You’ll find 公开 in expressions like “go public with one’s romance” 公开恋情 (gōng kāi liàn qíng; make public + romantic love). So, how do you say “not go public with one’s romance?” It’s 不公开恋情 (bù gōng kāi liàn qíng)! 不(bù) means “no” or “not.”

公開/公开 pinyin: gōng kāi; To make public/open up 


开 (Open) +  心 (heart)  = To feel happy/joyful/to be delighted (开心) 

When you feel happy, you “open” your “heart” and embrace all the possibilities. 


分 (To divide) + 手 (hand)  = To break up/split up (分手) 

Divide (分) a hand (手)?? 分手 is about relationships. When two people are in love, they kiss, cuddle, and hold hands. If one day they decide to go their separate ways, they break up and won’t hold hands anymore.

分手 pinyin: fēn shǒu; to break up/split up

Now, let’s put those words in use! 

  • My girlfriend is … : 我的女朋友叫 (wǒ de nǚ péng yǒu jiào)  + your girlfriend’s name. 
  • My boyfriend is … : 我的男朋友叫 (wǒ de nán péng yǒu jiào)  + your boyfriend’s name. 
  • My girlfriend makes me happy: 我的女朋友让我很开心 (wǒ de nǚ péng yǒu ràng wǒ hěn kāi xīn).
  • My boyfriend makes me happy: 我的男朋友让我很开心 (wǒ de nán péng yǒu ràng wǒ hěn kāi xīn).
  • We’ve gone public with our romance: 我们公开恋情了 (wǒ men gōng kāi liàn qíng le).
  • I don’t want to break up: 我不想分手 (wǒ bù xiǎng fēn shǒu).

By Chineasy | A Super Chineasian

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