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Teachers Love Chineasy

“Our students love playing with the latest Chineasy Tiles. A great learning tool for children to learn through play. It's fun and it works!”

Karen Cheuk (Founder & CEO of Happy Mandarin)

“When recommending ways to learn Chinese to fellow students Chineasy is always at the summit.”

Max Hobbs (Marketing Manager at LTL Mandarin School)

“Chineasy Tiles is a fantastic teaching material for creating a fun way to learn Chinese. It's also a brilliant learning tool for students - whether they're young kids or adults.”

Claire Wang (Curriculum leader & Senior Teacher, Link Chinese Academy)

“Many students find characters very difficult, but the vivid image created by Chineasy arouse students great passion and interest in learning Characters.”

Wency (Teaching Supervisor at Omeida Chinese Academy)

“Chineasy has again created an extraordinary and highly enjoyable way to learn Chinese characters and phrases - a must-have for all Chinese fans!”

Moira Ni (Mandarin Trainer in the Foreign & Commonwealth Office)

“Just to let you know that my pupils think that Chineasy is fantastic!”

Beverley Tranter

“Thank you, it is a social grace to dedicate your time to this, and us, and a significant effort in shaping the future of the globe.”

Jono Boyle

Academic Panel

Matthew Kressy

Director and Founder, MIT Integrated Design & Management (IDM)

廖灝翔 Haoshiang Liao Ph.D.

Director, Chinese Language Program, MIT

Josephine H. Tsao, Ph.D.

Lecturer of Chinese Department of Modern Languages and Literatures San Francisco State University (SFSU)

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