Oct 25, 2021

Spoken Chinese: 4 Common Words About the Weather

If you haven’t read the Part I of the weather topic: 5 Primary Characters of Weather You Need to Know in Chinese, check it out first!

Here we continue the same theme. In Part I, you learnt the five essential characters related to the topic, namely 天 (sky/day), 气 (air), 雨 (rain), 云 (cloud), 风 (wind), which are all single-character words.

However, in spoken Chinese, two-character words are much more common when talking about the weather. In this post, you’re going to learn the four most common ones.

天 (Sky) + 气 (Air) = 天气 (Weather)

As you may already know, air is one of the main factors that influence weather. The traditional form is 天氣.

Weather 天氣/天气 (tiān qì) 

雨 (Rainy) + 天 (Sky/day) = 雨天 (Rainy day)

What do you usually do on a rainy day? Here are some 雨天 activities to help you embrace it joyfully. Or, listen to the song of 2006: “Rainy Day” sung by Yan-zi Sun, a Mandopop sensation from Singapore, to indulge in nostalgia.

Rainy day 雨天 (yǔ tiān)

大 (Big) + 风 (Wind) = 大风 (Strong wind/gale) [literally] (big wind)

The traditional form is 大風.

Strong wind; gale 大風/大风 (dà fēng) 

大 (Big) + 雨 (Rain) = 大雨 (Heavy rain) [literally] (big rain)

To say “It is raining heavily today, ” one can say “今天下大雨” (jīntiān xià dà yǔ). Literally, today down/fall big rain.

Heavy rain 大雨 (dà yǔ) 

大 (Big) + 风 (Wind) + 雨 (Rain) = 大风雨 (Severe storm) [literally] (big wind rain)

The traditional form is 大風雨.

Severe storm 大風雨/大风雨 (dà fēng yǔ)

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