Aug 27, 2019

10 Tips for Foreign Students in China

By Joshua Robinson | A Super Chineasian

China is a very popular destination for foreign students today. The colleges and universities are known for their excellence and high standards. At this point, the most popular choices for study are management and technical courses, though the interest in other disciplines is growing every minute.

Ever since China opened its doors to foreign students, the world has experienced a huge transit of students who chose to study in China and pursue their higher education there. Whether it is because of the study abroad trends or the amazing opportunities, every student must be prepared for such a big change. This is why I’ve come up with a short list of some great tips for you is you selected China to go study in.

1.  Learn a Bit about Their Culture

China has a history of over five thousand years. Depending on where you come from, you might find it hard to fit in. This is the rule that applies to any transfer you make in the world. If you’re moving to a place with a different culture from your own, learn a bit about it before you go.

Otherwise, you might be misunderstood or offend people unintentionally. Also, you might want to learn more about the Chinese people and their habits and behaviors to be able to make friends faster.

The more you learn, the sooner you’ll make friends. The language barrier is your smallest problem, really.

2.  Pick the Right Program

If you chose to study abroad in China, you probably have a lot of things to plan, pack, and prepare for. Take your time and try to pick the best program for you. China now has many programs for students, so consider all factors before you make your final decision.

Don’t just focus on the field, but also the languages spoken, internship placement, the location of the institution, etc. Once you choose the program, arrange the rest of the details like accommodation, travel arrangements, etc.

3. Learn Some of the Language

Even when travelling for a short time, it’s always wise to learn the basic phrases of the language people speak in your target country. Get a Chinese phrasebook and learn the must-knows. This will help you connect better with the people and show that you’ve made an effort, all while helping you communicate easier in a foreign country.

4. Don’t Limit Yourself to a Single Semester

Moving across the world to study in a place you don’t know with people you have never seen can seem daunting. However, students who have gone to China to study always regret not spending more time there. Don’t limit yourself to a single semester. Go all in.

5. Ask for Help

It’s common for foreign student to struggle with adjusting at first. Ask for some help with the school counselor, get writing aid at, ask someone to tutor you, etc. We are only humans and it is in our nature to help.

6. Get the Recommended Vaccines

A couple weeks before your trip, get familiarized with the vaccines you need for China. This will depend on the time you spend there, as well as the places you plan to visit. So, make your schedule beforehand and take it to the doctor. They’ll tell you what vaccines you need to get.

7. If you Take Medication, Fill the Prescriptions

If you forget to fill a prescription before you depart for China, you’re in for a long, torturous process. It might not even be possible depending on the medication you are taking. Therefore, if you take some prescribed medication, get enough to last you until you’re back from China.

8. Bring Gifts from Home

Making friendships is one of the most memorable, fulfilling things about studying abroad. To impress new people and build a connection, bring some souvenirs and other gifts from home. When you live, those are the things they’ll remember you by.

9. Know Your Budget

Wherever you go, you need to set your budget before you depart. This is extremely important if you plan to live on a budget for a certain period of time. Before you leave for China to study, check the costs in your selected city or area and plan your budget accordingly. Then, make sure to keep track of it and follow your plan. China is relatively inexpensive, but if you spend all your money right away, you will find yourself in a foreign country, penniless.

10. Know their Currency and Foreign Costs

If you plan to visit China to study in it, make sure to learn about their foreign costs and currency. For example, a US student will need to spend around $100 and $150 for a visa, so you better set some money aside for this when the time comes.


Studying abroad is a big step, but also one of the best experiences students get to live today. However, you must be prepared for what’s yet to come, which is why you need this kind of an insider knowledge that will help you adjust.


By Joshua Robinson | A Super Chineasian

Joshua Robinson is a content editor and a travel enthusiast. He obtained his Master’s Degree in linguistics in China, which makes him the perfect person to give this kind of advice to students. In his articles, you’ll find many tips and tricks for studying, as well as travelling abroad.

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