Oct 03, 2022

10 Benefits of Learning the Chinese Language

Statistically, the Chinese language is the most spoken language in the world. With both native and active speakers, Chinese is the most commonly used language compared to any other in the world. This might come as a surprise to many, with English becoming a Lingua Franca in the past several decades. Moreover, the latest statistics say that the number of people speaking these two languages is slowly evening. 

The number of people with whom you can communicate should be enough reason one to be interested in learning Chinese. Taking into consideration how easy you can access great study materials and tutors on online platforms, such as Live Lingua, one should give it a try.

Gone are the days when Chinese was known as the most complicated and hard language to be mastered. It might come as quite different, but that certainly brings many advantages for the learner. More than that, here we will state several benefits you can enjoy if you put some effort into learning the Chinese language. 

1. Learning Chinese will Help You Connect with More than a Billion People Worldwide

Roughly more than a billion people in the world speak Chinese. Now you might think, yes, but all these people are located in China. Well, that is not actually the case. Mandarin is spoken in many Asian countries Mongolia, Taiwan, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Brunei and the Philippines. Furthermore, there are more and more Chinese speakers traveling and working in the western world every day.

Living in the digital era, you should not only rely on physical contact to get in touch with Chinese speakers. Moreover, if you are determined to learn the language, you can communicate with many Chinese people online. Thus, you can get in touch with their rich cultural heritage. 

2. Traveling Becomes Easier

As Mandarin is spoken all over South-East Asia, your next trip in this area can be much smoother if you know at least a little bit of Chinese. As it is the case with any country, if you speak the native language while visiting, you automatically have an advantage over the rest of the tourists. In the case of China, knowing at least some Mandarin is really important if you want to experience the food markets in a proper way. Generally, getting around South-East Asia more freely will offer a better experience. Furthermore, you can meet Chinese people anywhere in the world, so practicing your Mandarin while traveling should be easy. 

3. Economically, the Right Choice

Learning Chinese in today’s global economy world can be a big step further on the business ladder. The demand for both English and Chinese speakers in the western world of business is getting bigger every day. Learning Chinese will make it much easier for you to find a job or find a better job. Promotions come much easier as speaking the Chinese language multiplies your value as an employee and can make you a vital part in a new project in China. Just imagine all those business trips. Plus, whatever your profession is, it looks really cool on your CV.

 4. Excellent Exercise for Your Brain

Chinese language and its symbols function in a very specific way. This does not mean they are hard to learn, just that they can be combined in many ways to create new meanings. A neurolinguistic study discovered that learning Chinese lights up more parts of the brain than any other language does. While speaking English, speakers use only the left temporal lobe, whereas Chinese speakers use both. Speaking and writing Chinese enhances your cognitive activities and brainpower!

5. Writing Chinese Will Wake Up Your Creativity

The way Chinese symbols and characters look and work, they can be so much more than just a text, especially for those accustomed to alphabetic symbols. Writing can be really fun and much closer to drawing than writing a text. Learning how to write the strokes that become Mandarin characters can immensely improve your motor skills and visual recognition. Thus, waking up your creative side and making you more perceptive.

6. You’ll Enjoy a Great New Job Opportunity

No matter where in the world you live, chances are that the number of people speaking and writing Chinese is very small. By mastering Chinese, you’ll open the opportunity to get a job as a translator from Chinese to your native language and vice-versa as a part of a big company and corporation. Being a leader in the mass production of goods, almost all companies worldwide collaborate with the Chinese industry. More than this, you can also work as a freelancer translator from Chinese to English or any native language, as this profession is high on demand nowadays. 

7. You’ll Unlock Wider Possibilities for Working Abroad

If you are the type of person that likes challenges and changes, then you have certainly considered the possibility of working abroad. Today, there are many options to choose from if you want to move to another country for work. Moreover, if you are interested in the Chinese language and culture you certainly can find an opportunity to start working and learning the language simultaneously. Many companies and organizations help foreigners that wish to live and work in China by providing suitable working and living conditions as well as language courses. Start browsing the internet now, you have all the info available. 

8. Enjoy Homemade Chinese Recipes

Are you in love with Chinese food? Once you get better in reading and understanding the language you can take this passion a step further. Browsing for new and authentic Chinese recipes will open a whole new Chinese culinary world. Commonly, outside of China, Chinese food courts serve Chinese-like food, but not the best version. Well, delicious food is always a great motivator, so think of all the recipes you will discover once you are a Chinese language master.

9. Enjoy C-pop Artists Like a Chinese Teenager

Wonder what is all the craze around C pop artists? This interesting culture is intimidating to many that do not even understand the Chinese language. In showbiz, C pop is gaining in popularity and for a reason. The interesting videos and for many of the western-world, different music are enough reasons to perceive them as interesting and fun.

Well, being a spectator doesn’t do right to all the interesting communication you can enjoy with the passionate C pop fans. Moreover, pop songs are always more interesting when you understand the lyrics. C pop is awesome and contagious, dive in deeper!

10. … And Most Importantly

Mastering the Chinese language will open a massive new part of the World Wide Web that was previously impossible to surf through. Just imagine the possibilities here…

By Ray Blakney | A Super Chineasian

Ray Blakney is an award-winning Filipino-American entrepreneur, speaker, and podcaster who specializes in building 6 and 7-figure online businesses on a bootstrap budget. He and his businesses have been featured in publications including Entrepreneur Magazine, Forbes, The Boston Globe and many others. When he is not working on building, and helping others build, online businesses he likes to spend his time at his home in Mexico with his wife and son. In the little free time, he has he relaxes by practicing sword fighting (Kendo).

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