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Are there things that you always do that drive your partner or family a bit crazy? Always late? Always forget times and dates? Josh Edbrooke and ShaoLan talk about how to say “always” in Chinese and give a number of examples of how to use this word in different contexts. In fact, this episode is essential if you want to be able to have a good argument with your friend or partner! However, before it gets too negative, Josh and ShaoLan turn things around and show how to use the phrase in a positive way, or simply how to use it to describe factual or geographical events.

The way to say always” in Chinese is 總是/总是. This word is extremely useful because it can describe anything from a person’s behaviour to a weather pattern. The first word 總/总 means “total” or “altogether” and the second word  means “is” or “to be,” so something that “altogether is” is something that is “always” like that, 總是/总是!

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總是 / 总是
zǒng shì
總 / 总
Am, are, is
Be late
遲到 / 迟到
chí dào
You're always late.
你總是遲到 / 你总是迟到
nǐ zǒng shì chí dào
忘記 / 忘记
wàng jì
You always forget.
你總是忘記 / 你总是忘记
nǐ zǒng shì wàng jì
Go abroad
出國 / 出国
chū guó
You always go abroad.
你總是出國 / 你总是出国
nǐ zǒng shì chū guó
You always don't come home.
你總是不回家 / 你总是不回家
nǐ zǒng shì bù huí jiā
You always get mad.
你總是生氣 / 你总是生气
nǐ zǒng shì shēng qì
Get mad, angry
生氣 / 生气
shēng qì
You're always happy.
你總是開心 / 你总是开心
nǐ zǒng shì kāi xīn
It rains a lot in Taiwan.
臺灣總是下雨 / 台湾总是下雨
tái wān zǒng shì xià yǔ
臺灣 / 台湾
tái wān
Is it always raining in London?
倫敦總是下雨嗎? / 伦敦总是下雨吗?
lún dūn zǒng shì xià yǔ ma?
It's always hot in Taiwan.
臺灣總是很熱 / 台湾总是很热
tái wān zǒng shì hěn rè
It's always cold in Moscow.
莫斯科總是很冷 / 莫斯科总是很冷
mò sī kē zǒng shì hěn lěng
Chineasy is always a lot of fun.
Chineasy 總是好好玩 / Chineasy 总是好好玩
Chineasy zǒng shì hǎo hǎo wán

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