Chineasy Story Builder

Reinventing how stories are told and how language is learned.
Available on Windows 10.

The power of storytelling

Storytelling is the oldest form of learning. Chineasy Story Builder aims to develop a love of language, cultural understanding, creativity, and imagination. It is designed for kids and kids-at-heart to create their own stories using beautiful Chineasy illustrations. While constructing your stories, children will immerse themselves. Imagine! When they tell a story about a frog with Chineasy illustrations, during the process, they will remember the Chinese character for the frog effortlessly!

Fans Love Chineasy

“Chineasy Story Builder helps children to think outside the box. Allowing them not only to learn Chinese but also develop their creativity!”

Claire Wang, Founder and senior Chinese Instructor in LingoClass

“You don't need to understand the Chinese language but still can have a ton of fun! This app helps children, and kid-at-heart not only create lovely stories but learn Chinese characters without effort at the same time. ”

April Wu, Super Chineasian

“Chineasy Story Builder is a limitless sandbox. With so many words and tools and pictures, there are infinite ways to tell your unique story! The worlds you create can be as vast and wild as your imagination. ”

Charlie Hoffs, Super Chineasian